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Website Design

Over the years many of our clients have asked us if we create websites.

Websites are incredibly personal to the owner, each one having a different view on how it should look and function.

Here at Phoenix I.T. we take the time to sit down with you and find out what it is that you would like to achieve.

Our websites are set up for Search Engine and Mobile Optimization and we take the time to list your site

on several SEO website providers to improve your hit rate on services like Google Web search. If appropriate we will also sort UTube channels, Google my Business and of course the ever popular Facebook page.

A couple of things to think about before you consider a website.

1. Domain name - what will it be and is it available?    -  CHECK HERE -

2. Email - do you need a domain based email, if so how many accounts?

3. What pages do you need to create? - contact us, services, about, video, audio, 

4. Do you have a branding, if so logo's and color scheme?

5. Audio / visual content - do you have any and if not ....... why not?? People are visual creatures.

These five things if considered prior to engaging any web design team will certainly speed up the process.

Other things to consider include

1. Domain name fees

2. Email fees

3. Domain hosting fees

4. Depending on the services required there can be additional fees for additional "bolt on" services such as 


5. Merchant fees for people trying to sell on-line.

If you are interested in seeing some of our work take a look at any of the following.

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